Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW)
Certified by the State Board of Education

National Association of Social Workers
Connecticut Association of
School Social Workers
National Coalition of Mental Health
Professionals and Consumers

Community Involvement:
Casey Family Services, Bridgeport
Catholic Family Services, Ansonia
Family Resource Center, Bridgeport
Group Facilitator, Parents Anonymous

Workshops and Groups:
Survivors of Incest and Sexual Assault
Grief and Loss
Domestic Violence
Depression and Suicide
Multicultural Sensitivity
Parenting Skills
Women’s Issues
Gay and Lesbian Teens and Adults
Stress Management
Communication Skills
Divorce and Children

Uniquely qualified to help with child, adolescent,
and family issues

Renda Woods has distinguished herself in the community as a therapist who has special expertise working with children, adolescents, and their families. Her substantial educational and clinical background, combined with over a decade of experience working in schools, homes, agencies, and private practice, sets her apart. Through her extensive hands-on community and professional involvement, including lectures and training workshops, she stays on the leading edge of her field.

Committed to making a difference

Whether it’s working with you and school staff or lining up additional help from her referral network of professionals, Renda Woods is dedicated to doing what it takes to help you make a positive change. “It’s extremely rewarding to see the difference my techniques can make — without drugs, hospitalization, or any other extreme measures. Parents often come to me about to give up. I provide a results-oriented approach that makes sense and makes a difference. Within just a few weeks, both the parents and their children usually feel better about their situation.”

Will it work?

“Sometimes new clients will ask me how I can be so sure that the techniques I teach them will work…Not only do I have a proven track record with hundreds of past clients, I also have firsthand experience using them as a mother of two and a foster mother of three special needs children. Within as few as 12 sessions, most of my clients experience significant improvement. Overall, I have a 95% success rate.”

A word of reassurance

“It’s not about bad parents or bad children. Family dynamics are difficult…parenthood has its challenges, as does being a child or adolescent. Once we identify the difficulties and their underlying causes, I can provide the tools and skills you need to improve your family life today and tomorrow.”